Secret Adoption

Choosing to Have a Secret Adoption – Is Confidential Adoption Right for You?

Hopefully, your friends, family and the father of your baby are supportive, kind and understanding of your difficult adoption decision. But some pregnant women thinking about adoption in Florida feel that their only option is keeping adoption secret. Some of the reasons that a woman chooses to have a secret adoption could be:

  • she’s in an abusive or dangerous environment, and she doesn’t want her baby to grow up in that situation.
  • some person in her life would put her adoption plan at risk, or her physical and mental wellbeing would be put at risk if they found out about her adoption decision.
  • she’s worried her family or the birth father of her baby would disown her or kick her out of the house if they found out about her adoption decision.

If you feel that you’re in danger or if you’re in an abusive situation, please call Bryan now at (727) 398-0086 to be placed in a safe temporary living situation.

The Benefits of Open Adoption vs. a Closed or Confidential Adoption

Today, open adoptions are the standard in the U.S. because of their benefits for everyone involved. Closed adoptions mean that there is very little, if any, contact between you and the adoptive family and your child, and very little information is shared.

However, a confidential adoption doesn’t necessarily have to be closed; it can also be an open adoption in many situations. Your identifying information can be kept completely confidential and still allow you to have some amount of communication with the adoptive family, if you want it.

In a confidential adoption, you’d be able to keep your decision to place your baby for adoption private, but you’d also be able to communicate with the adoptive family after the adoption, if you want.

Is Keeping Adoption a Secret Possible for You?

Bryan wants you to have the support system that you need during your pregnancy and throughout the adoption process. He will work closely with his partners at American Adoptions to provide free, professional counseling and help you identify friends or family members who are supportive of your adoption plan. We may also be able to help you find temporary, safe housing, which can help in keeping adoption secret for you.

A completely confidential adoption might not be the best option for you. Every situation is different, and we can discuss yours together.

But, if you think that a secret adoption might be the best option for you, you can contact Bryan to learn more about the process. Or, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION to discuss the best plan for your situation and how to make a confidential adoption work for you.