Adoption vs. Abortion – Your Baby, Your Choice

As you navigate this time in your life, you may come to the decision that parenting your unborn baby is simply not an option. If this describes your position and your feelings, you will then have another difficult decision to make: whether your next step is adoption or abortion.

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If you find yourself caught between abortion and adoption, Bryan McLachlan can be one of the people you contact to discuss your options. He can discuss the adoption process, the benefits you would receive, the ways in which you could remain in your child’s life, and more, if you did choose to pursue an adoption plan.

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For more information on adoption vs. abortion, please read the sections below.

Abortion Information

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy through a medical or surgical intervention. In the following sections, you can find more information about abortion and what to know before you make a decision.


A medical abortion can be obtained up to eight weeks into a pregnancy. The abortion pill has about a 95-97 percent success rate when taken as directed. Surgical abortions can be performed a little later than medical abortions – up to 14 weeks.

Both options are safe and will most likely not prevent you from getting pregnant in the future, but the medical risks increase with the length of your pregnancy. For this reason, it is recommended that you undergo the procedure early if that is your decision.


The cost of abortion can vary based on how far you are in your pregnancy. On average, you can expect the procedure to cost between $400 and $500.

In the state of Florida, Medicaid does not cover the costs of a medical or surgical abortion. In some cases, your insurance may cover the procedure. Contact your local clinic or insurance provider for more detailed information.

Laws and Regulations in Florida

Each state has unique laws on when and how you can obtain an abortion, particularly if you are a minor. If you are under 18, Florida law requires that you tell at least one of your parents about your decision to get an abortion at least 48 hours beforehand.

Florida regulations also require that you receive counseling and then wait an additional 24 hours before pursuing an abortion. Additionally, you must get an ultrasound, and your healthcare provider must give you the opportunity to see the ultrasound if you wish.

Adoption Information

Adoption is the transfer of parental rights over a child to a new family. If you choose adoption for you and your baby, you will be asked to terminate your parental rights after giving birth, and a family of your choosing will become the legal parents of your child.


If you decide on adoption, you can contact Bryan McLachlan, who works closely with an adoption agency that will provide you with the all the services you need.

When you pursue adoption with an agency, your adoption specialist will offer you counseling to make sure you are emotionally prepared for adoption. When you are ready, you will begin creating an adoption plan of how you envision your ideal adoption experience, and at any time may begin looking at possible adoptive families. Your specialist will give you adoptive family profiles to review until you find the right one for your baby.

Over the course of your pregnancy, you will get to know the family you selected, decide what kind of relationship you want with them and the baby, and prepare for your hospital trip when it’s time to have the baby. About 48 hours after you give birth, you will be asked to legally consent to the adoption, after which the process will be complete.

Financial Assistance

Not only is adoption completely free for you, but you can also have certain medical and living expenses covered by the adoptive family you choose. Florida adoption law allows you to receive financial assistance in the following forms:

  • Reasonable living expenses if you are unable to pay them
  • Medical expenses
  • Adoption process fees
  • Legal fees
  • Expenses for contact with the family (travel, accommodations, etc.)
  • Counseling services

If the legal, medical, or living expenses exceed $5,000, then a court must approve the payment of the fees. Approval is also required if court costs at over $800.

Your Parental Rights

Until you terminate your parental rights after giving birth, you are the legal parent of your child and have no obligation to continue with an adoption plan if it makes you uncomfortable.

In order to protect your rights, the state of Florida also has a specific time frame for when you can legally consent to the adoption. By law, your consent cannot be requested until at least 48 hours after you have the baby. This gives you time to recover from childbirth and deliberate, protecting you from having to make a final decision in a compromised state.

The law also has guidelines for revocation of consent, in the event that your consent is obtained dishonestly or under duress. If a woman was pressured or lied to in order to gain her consent, then a court can restore her parental rights.

For more information on consent laws and your rights, visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway.


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