Do Birth Mothers Get Paid for Adoption?

If you have been considering adoption and looking into your options, you may have questions about the role finances play in your decision. Does adoption cost money, or do birth mothers get paid for adoption?

You will likely be relieved to know that if you do decide to create an adoption plan for you and your child, all of the costs of your pregnancy will be covered.

How Does a Pregnant Mother Receive Financial Benefits?

In today’s adoptions, adoptive families often cover the expenses of the adoption, including legal fees, medical bills, counseling expenses and more. These expenses will be managed by the child-placing entity, such as Bryan McLachlan, and if necessary will be filed with the court for approval.

Furthermore, you may receive additional financial assistance in the form of “living expenses,” which are moneys provided to women in your situation to help focus on having a healthy pregnancy. In Florida, the following expenses can be covered during the pregnancy and for up to six weeks after you have your baby:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Food and clothing
  • Transportation
  • Phone services
  • Medical expenses
  • Additional expenses that the court deems necessary for the mother or child

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