Florida Adoption Intervention

If your child has been removed from your home and into Florida’s state foster care system, and your parental rights have not been terminated, Bryan McLachlan can help you with what is referred to as an “adoption intervention.”

An adoption intervention allows you to still pursue a private domestic adoption for your child, even if your child has been removed by the State. This is unique to Florida and a law that many mothers in your situation take advantage of every year.

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How Does an Adoption Intervention Work?

When a child is removed from their parents’ custody, the court presents a reintegration plan that the parents will have to follow in order to retain custody of their child.

The parents will usually have around a year to complete their case plan.

If they fail to make the changes requested by the court, their parental rights will be involuntarily terminated and the child will be legally up for adoption by his or her foster parents or another adoptive family.

In Florida, during this time period, these parents have the option of voluntarily placing their child for adoption through an adoption intervention. Parents may choose to make this decision because they:

  • don’t feel they can meet the demands outlined in the reintegration plan
  • don’t feel they are fit to continue raising a child
  • believe it is in the best interest of the child to be adopted

If the parents choose adoption, they will sign adoption disclosure and adoption consent forms with an attorney, which will begin the legal process of terminating their parental rights and giving temporary custody to an adoption agency until an appropriate adoptive family is chosen to receive permanent custody.

How Can Bryan McLachlan Help with an Adoption Intervention?

If your child has been removed from your home, you can still make a favorable impact on your child’s life by choosing a loving forever family from American Adoptions, a trusted national adoption agency of Bryan McLachlan.

You may contact an American Adoptions’ adoption specialist at any time, confidentially and with no obligation, who will:

  • further explain how the adoption intervention process works
  • ensure you understand your rights
  • provide any support or counseling you may need throughout this process
  • begin showing you our hundreds of adoptive families who have completed a home study and are ready to adopt a child

If you are ready to take the next step, we will begin narrowing down the type of adoptive family ideal for your and your child’s situation, based on:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Location
  • Contact Arrangement
  • And more

Once we understand the type of family you are seeking, you will be presented with several families’ Adoptive Family Profiles and Adoptive Family Video Profiles. These profiles will further assist you in choosing the perfect adoptive family to provide the life you envision for your child.

Finally, once the adoption intervention process is completed, you may receive post-placement contact with the adoptive family and your child in the form of pictures and letters, emails, and even phone calls or visits – all depending on the family you choose and their comfort level with future contact.

What are the Benefits of an Adoption Intervention?

An adoption intervention provides parents in your situation with several benefits:

  • Have control over your child’s future
  • Identify and select the perfect adoptive family to provide the life you envision for your child
  • Receive post-placement contact that you otherwise wouldn’t have if your parental rights are terminated by the State
  • Know your child’s whereabouts and that he or she is living in a loving, permanent home

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