Finding a Family for Your Baby

If you are considering adoption, finding the right adoptive parents is one of the most important steps of your entire adoption process. This one decision will determine:

  • the type of family your child grows up in, whether it’s big or small; rural, urban or suburban; religious or non-religious; and much more
  • the type of life your child has and the person your child becomes
  • the type of contact you share with the adoptive parents before the birth of your child
  • the type of relationship you share with the adoptive parents and your child after the adoption

For these reasons, it’s important the adoption professional you choose can help you find the right family for your child. You can always contact Bryan at (727) 398-0086 to find the adoptive family you’re envisioning.

Not only is Bryan McLachlan an experienced adoption attorney, but he also partners with a national adoption agency, American Adoptions, which offers you the following advantages when looking for adoptive parents in Florida:

  • Hundreds of Families to Choose from – Whether you are looking for a small family who lives in the city or a large family who lives on a farm, or something in between, you will find your ideal family among the hundreds of families to choose from.

As you read this, American Adoptions has hundreds of pre-screened adoptive families who are currently waiting to be selected by a woman like you. With so many families to choose from, you are able to find the exact type of adoption situation that best fits your goals for the adoption and your dreams for your baby’s childhood and future.

How Does Finding a Family in Florida Work?

If you choose to pursue adoption, Bryan will contact American Adoptions, who will then assign you an adoption specialist as your person of contact throughout the adoption process, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. She or he will help you with a variety of services, including finding adoptive parents.

By asking you a variety of questions, your adoption specialist will get to know you better and your ideal family for your baby. Based on your preferences, she or he will then provide you with a selection of Adoptive Family Profiles (either online or through the mail) that match your ideal family and include the family’s pictures, information about their family and neighborhood, their reasons for choosing adoption, and much more. Furthermore, American Adoptions is one of the only agencies to also offer Adoptive Family Video Profiles, so you can also see how they interact with each other and get a better feel for who they might be like as parents to your baby.

Once you find the right adoptive parents, your adoption specialist will inform them of the exciting news and will set up a mediated phone call between you, the adoptive parents and your adoption specialist.

If you are ready to begin looking for an adoptive family, contact Bryan today.