Placing a Child for Adoption in Florida

Bryan McLachlan is a Florida adoption attorney who has dedicated his career to helping women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption. If you live in Florida and find yourself in this situation, there are a few important things you should know about adoption:

This is not only your decision, but also your adoption plan – If you decide adoption is right for you and your baby, you will be in control of nearly every detail of the adoption, from the family you choose, to the support you receive, to even the amount of contact you share with your child after the adoption is completed. Nearly any adoption scenario you can imagine is possible.

You are not “giving” away your baby for adoption – The phrase “giving up a baby for adoption” was created back in a time when pregnant mothers had very little control over their adoption process, yet the phrase remains in use today. Instead, what you are considering giving is the gift of life: to your child, one that is full of opportunity and love, and to a couple, who otherwise would never know what it’s like to be parents.

By contacting Bryan at (727) 398-0086, there is no obligation: he will simply explain how the Florida adoption process works and answer any of your adoption questions. Only if and when you are ready will he begin discussing the next steps.

How Adoption Works in Florida

There are numerous reasons why adoption might be the right decision for you and your child. Here is how today’s adoptions work and how Bryan ensures you will receive all of the following:

Confidential, No Obligation – Bryan’s initial job is to educate you about adoption so you can make the absolute best choice for your child, whether that is parenting or adoption. If you are interested in learning more about how placing a baby for adoption works, you may contact Bryan at any time, confidentially and with no obligation to proceed with an adoption.

Financial Support – Did you know not only is adoption completely free for pregnant mothers, but many are also eligible to receive living expenses to help pay for housing, transportation, groceries, maternity clothes and more? If you decide to take the next step, Bryan will help you receive every dollar for which you are eligible in the state of Florida.

Two Partners are Better than One – Bryan shares a unique relationship with American Adoptions, one of the world’s most successful domestic adoption agencies. By working with Bryan, not only do you receive an expert in Florida adoption law, but you also receive the support services offered by American Adoptions, including:

  • Your Own Adoption Specialist, 24/7 – While Bryan is always available to help you with the legal aspects of the adoption, he is not a licensed counselor. This is why you will have your own adoption specialist whom you may contact any time of the day or week, whether you need advice, you are having second thoughts, or you just need someone to talk to.
  • Develop YOUR Adoption Plan – However you envision your adoption plan is what can and will happen. If you wish to receive pictures and letters of your child periodically throughout the year, that is entirely possible – in fact, it’s estimated that over 80 percent of all adoptions involves this type of contact. Furthermore, if you are seeking a more open adoption, this is also a possibility by simply finding an adoptive family also interested in open adoption. Remember, there is always a family out there looking for the same adoption situation as you are.
  • Hundreds of Families from which to Choose – At any given time, American Adoptions has hundreds of adoptive families from across the country who’ve all completed a home study, passed their screenings, and are actively waiting for an adoption opportunity with a woman like you. Each family not only has their own profile, but also a video profile, so you can see what life would be like growing up in their family. With so many types of families to choose from, you will find the perfect family for your baby.

Process of Placing a Baby for Adoption in Florida

Now that you know what Bryan can do for you, you may be wondering how the adoption process works: Here’s a brief look at the steps required to place a baby for adoption in Florida:

  1. Choose Adoption – After speaking with Bryan, speaking with your friends and family and considering your options, it is time for you to make the best decision for yourself and your baby. If you decide to pursue an adoption, Bryan will immediately contact American Adoptions, and an adoption specialist will contact you soon about next steps. Bryan will then open up a file with the court to begin determining the living expenses you are eligible to receive.
  1. Create Your Adoption Plan – You may already have an ideal adoption situation in mind, or you may have no idea what you want yet. Whatever the case might be, your adoption specialist will talk to you about your goals and will help lay out a plan to help you achieve the best situation for you and your child.
  1. Select an Adoptive Family – Once you determine your ideal adoption plan, your adoption specialist will provide you with Adoptive Family Profiles and Video Profiles of families who match your wishes and share the same goals as you. You may continue looking for days or weeks until you find the perfect family for your baby.
  1. Speak with the Adoptive Family – The only way to truly be sure the family is perfect for you and your child is by getting to know them. Your adoption specialist will help set up a conference call with you and the family, and you can further this interaction with emails, Skype and even personal visits.
  1. Get Ready for the Big Day – Your adoption specialist will have spoken to you about your ideal hospital experience: how involved the family is during delivery, how much time you wish to spend with them, whether you or the family will hold the baby first, and more. This way, everyone is on the same page to help you have the most comfortable hospital experience. Once your baby is born, you are required to wait 48 hours before you can legally consent to the adoption and legally terminate your parental rights.
  1. Continue Your Journey – This adoption is the first step of an exciting future for both you and your child. Whether you chose to stay involved in his or her life with an open adoption, decided to just receive picture and letter updates, or determined it would be best to move on with a closed adoption, you will know forever that you gave a family and a child the gift of life.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are interested in learning more about adoption, contact Bryan today confidentially and with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions by Expecting Mothers

As an adoption attorney who has completed well over 300 domestic adoptions, I have been asked a wide variety of questions regarding every step of the adoption process. The following are some of the most common questions I’ve been asked – and if your question isn’t answered below, please email or call me any time.

– Bryan McLachlan

How much does adoption cost?

“A woman who places her baby for adoption pays nothing throughout the adoption process. In most situations, the adopting family of her child will cover all of the expenses, including medical fees, legal fees, counseling fees, and more. Furthermore, the woman may be entitled to receive living expenses, which are moneys that may go toward groceries, rent, transportation, cell phone, and more. I will work with you to determine any financial assistance you may require and will work with the court to get the maximum amount you deserve.”

How do I know adoption is the right decision for my child and me?

“The only person who truly knows whether adoption is the best option is you. You are making this decision for not only yourself, but also your child. Will your life be better if another family raised your child? And will your child’s life be better if another family raised him or her?

My job is to give you all of the information about adoption, and what you decide from there is up to you. If you are having reservations, perhaps this isn’t the right time to pursue adoption. Remember, you can choose adoption at any point during your pregnancy, and even after your child has been born if necessary.”

Is it too late for me to choose adoption for my baby?

“It is never too late, nor too early for that matter, to choose adoption for your child. It’s common for women who are late in their pregnancies, or even who have already given birth, to pursue an adoption. In these situations, the adoption process remains the same, and is just condensed into a smaller time frame. You will still be able to select an adoptive family, speak with them before making a final decision, and receive emotional and financial support during this time.”

Why do women decide to place their child for adoption?

“An adoption always begins with an unplanned pregnancy, yet the situations in which adoption is pursued vary greatly. A woman who finds herself facing an unplanned pregnancy may choose adoption because:

  • She isn’t prepared to become a mother yet, and perhaps has other goals she wants to achieve before raising a child.
  • She doesn’t have the financial stability required to raise a child in today’s world and to give him or her a childhood full of experiences and opportunities.
  • The father of the baby isn’t in the picture, and she wants her child to grow up in a two-parent home.
  • She and her husband may feel their family is complete and are not prepared to raise another child.
  • She wants to provide an infertile couple with a chance of becoming parents.
  • And many, many more”
Is the adoption permanent?

“Yes, once you consent to the adoption and legally terminate your parental rights, you are no longer the child’s legal mother. Parental rights will be transferred to the adoptive parents forever. This may be both a comforting, yet scary, idea. While yes, terminating your parental rights permanently is not an option that many take lightly, you may find comfort knowing your child will be a member a stable, loving adoptive family of your choosing forever.”

What if the father of my baby is unsupportive of my adoption decision?

“If you are interested in adoption, you should still contact me or any other adoption professional of your choosing, with or without the birth father’s approval. In these situations, I will speak to the father about his rights, the benefits of adoption, how he may still receive picture and letter updates of his child, and more. If the father is still unsupportive of the adoption, it may still proceed depending on his level of involvement in your and your unborn baby’s lives.

The general rule for women in your situation is to contact an adoption attorney to see whether an adoption is still possible without the birth father’s consent.”

How do I know the adoptive family I select is safe?

“Almost every adoption that I legally complete involves American Adoptions and one of their adoptive families. American Adoptions takes special care in screening their adoptive families, promising you that they are a safe and loving family who will provide a wonderful childhood to your baby. Furthermore, every adoptive family must complete an adoption home study, which is a detailed investigation into their lives and their home by a state-licensed social worker. And finally, you may get to know the adoptive family you choose as much as you like, which gives you that final say of whether this is truly the right family for your baby.”

Is my child going to hate me for this decision?

“I’ve been doing adoptions for a while, and some of the babies I’ve helped adopted are now older children. I like to stay in touch with my clients, no matter how long ago the adoption took place. The point is this – I’ve yet to hear a story about a child who feels any ill will toward his or her birth mother because of the decision she made.

The reason for this is simple: Adoption is a well-thought out, well-planned event, involving sensible people doing what is right for a child. Everyone involved wants the child to experience the best childhood imaginable, and luckily that happens in nearly every adoption.

Therefore, because so many adopted children have awesome childhoods, why would they feel any negativity toward their birth mothers? In fact, it is quite the opposite, as these children have a deep appreciation for the sacrifice their birth mothers made for them.”

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are interested in learning more about adoption, contact Bryan today confidentially and with no obligation.